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About the Course

TESOL Asia, the leading TESOL provider in the Philippines and Enderun Colleges, the leading global business and hospitality management school join hands in the provision of the 120-hour TESOL Certification Training Course in Metro Manila.


The training will be handled by ESL/EFL practitioners and experts in the field of second language acquisition. It will be held at The Study, Enderun Tutorial and Language Center at The Podium.


Dr. Paul Robertson
Principles of Second Language Acquisition
Task-Based Teaching
ESL Research


Dr. Paul Robertson is the founder of world leading and internationally acclaimed academic journals on Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and ESP (English for Specific Purposes) which now come under the label, English Language Education Journals (Australia) – the leading journals are the Asian EFL Journal, Linguistics Journal and Asian ESP Journal which are all Scopus-indexed.


There are now over 750 professors on his editorial board. He has published widely in the field of SLA, law and ESP. He founded a TESOL Teacher Training school in South Korea, which now runs courses across Asia and comes under the trading name of TESOL Asia. TESOL Asia is now under the SITE Group International as a division of Site Australia.


Cristina De Leon
Cristina De Leon is a Humanities graduate of University of Asia and the Pacific and currently leads numerous ESL and Business English classes at Enderun Colleges. Cristina is a Certified TESOL Trainer who is highly driven by meaningful interactions with students from different levels and backgrounds to maker her classes creative and vibrant.


Marlon Pura
Marlon D. Pura is a TESOL-certified trainer who obtained his certification from TESOL Asia. He is a Sociology graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman. He also studied at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY and at Ralph C. Mahar Regional School in Orange, MA both as a US Department of State scholar under the Global Undergraduate (Global UGRAD) and Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Programs. He has worked as a college instructor and on his free time, he enjoys cooking. In fact, he holds a Certificate in Professional Culinary Arts from École Ducasse at Enderun Colleges.


However, his penchant for teaching prevailed upon him. He has always considered himself a mentor, one who exudes passion, dedication and commitment to the welfare of his students and colleagues. With his strong academic credentials, international background, professional experience, and finally, interpersonal skills, he is a highly motivated teacher and trainer. He makes sure his “learners” are engaged and learning not only English, but “learning for life.”


Currently, he teaches international students and professionals Business English, Academic English, Social Club and Integrated Skills at Enderun Colleges.


The training will be handled by ESL/EFL practitioners and experts in the field of second language acquisition. It will be held at The Study, Enderun Tutorial and Language Center at The Podium.


As part of this learning community, you are hereby enjoined to observe the following house rules during the program:


1. Arrive on-time and prepared. The training starts at 8:00 A.M. and ends at 5:00 P.M. Please wear smart casual. A blazer or sweater is handy.


2. Bring your training course book and work text.


3. Consider shift in paradigm. Have a learner mindset and be open to new ideas. Set your target learning outcomes and be able to achieve them by the end of the course.


4. Do your homework and readings diligently. This is an intensive course, so advanced reading and prompt homework accomplishment are required. Part of the 120-hour certification is dedicated to individual work and self-study. The Student Activity Book must be fully accomplished within the four Saturday sessions and duly submitted on the last session.


5. Actively participate in discussions and activities. Engage with your trainer and classmates by sharing your unique perspectives. We can learn with and form one another as we come from different contexts and diverse backgrounds.


6. Be professional. Treat each other with respect.


7. Be proactive. Ask relevant questions.


8. Your trainers will be available for consultation. Their contact information will also be provided. Feel free to approach them or send them an e-mail for concerns regarding your program. Feedback sessions will also be given immediately after performance tasks.


9. Should you incur 2 absences out of 4 face-to-face classes, you will be required to make up and pay for the said make-up sessions (PhP 8,000).


10. Should you not meet the certification standards set forth by Enderun and TESOL Asia, Enderun reserves the right to require you to attend remedial classes FREE of chage. The Said remedial class il be conducted on the 5th Saturday(after the assessment day). You need to allocate about 4 hours for the said session.


Regular Rate

PhP 21,000


Enroll with 3 more friends

PhP 16,800/head


Reservation Fee:(Paypal) PhP 5,000


Learning Modules (Hard / Soft Copies)
120 – hour TESOL Certificate
Awards Element List (Transcript)
Letter of reference
Certificate in Teaching Online ESL