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About the Course

This program aims to improve the students with test-taking aptitude by providing them with strategies in going about the different sections/items in the TOEFL effectively and efficiently. It also intends to expose the students to simulated scenarios in preparation for the different parts of the TOEFL, and to further develop the students’ macro skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) required for the TOEFL and other accompanying skills (grammar/structure and vocabulary).


Important Guidelines


All communication shall be considered official only when expressed in writing.


Supervision of the program
The Study by Enderun Colleges is designating an Education Executive as principal contact for the engagement. In return, he/she will work closely with the Academic team and the student for arrangement of classes prior to the agreed start date. For questions and clarifications, the student may reach us via email at


Course Details
The student is encouraged to take the online English Placement Test. The results of this 30-minute online test will help your teachers assess your current level of English proficiency so you can be assigned to the correct English language class. The English Level online test will check your vocabulary and grammar through multiple-choice questions and a short essay. The Academic team will get in touch with the student regarding the guidelines on class schedule and class materials.


Class credits must be consumed within three (3) months from the agreed start date. Class credits will expire if they are not used within the given period of time. Extension may only be provided if there’s a national declaration from the Philippine government or a sudden cancellation from the instructor due to an unforeseen circumstance.


Students missing class for at least one (1) week will be marked as AWOL (absence without leave). Class credits will be put on hold until the expiration date of credits given within a period of time.


Re-enrolment should be discussed with the Education Executive at least three (3) days before the next cycle or start date. The student should also keep track of his/her program end date.


Any changes with the current program must be communicated before the original enrolment expires.


Refund Policy
Payments already made under this engagement are non-refundable. The student may opt for an upgrade should he/she decide to change the language program he/she is currently enrolled for. The remaining amount may be applied to any other language program engagement. The number of hours may change depending on the new program chosen by the student.


Payment Terms
Payment must be made at least three (3) days before classes start.


Duration: 40 hours

Tuition: PhP 49,200

Must be consumed within 1-2 months


Duration: 60 hours

Tuition: PhP 62,500

Must be consumed within 3-5 months


Duration: 120 hours

Tuition: PhP 111,700

Must be consumed within 6-8 months


Duration: 180 hours

Tuition: PhP 163,000

Must be consumed within 9-12 months


Top Up Book Fee PhP 4,900 (Online course work or workbook)


Reservation Fee:(Paypal) PhP 5,000


Learning Module

Practice Test