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September 11, 2019 by Randolph Yu


The Study offers language learning courses which equip students with the benefits of both theoretical instruction and practical application. Our courses combine written exercises with fluency classes which immerse students in an environment which encourages them to speak the language they’re learning. This combination ensures that students are given enough practice to be able to communicate effectively in real-life situations.

English Courses

English is the medium of instruction across most disciplines and industries around the world–in an era where all countries are becoming increasingly linked, learning English is necessary to achieving success and expanding one’s horizons, whether it be in education, work, or a hybrid of both. The Study’s course offerings allows students to acquire a practical, comprehensive understanding of the English language.

Confident students with laptop and book smiling at camera in the classroom

Social Clubs

Social Clubs is a fluency class which helps ground students’ English skills in social context. The class features a revolving topic system wherein every session features a new field of exploration for the students...

ssIntensive English

Intensive English

Intensive English is a language booster class which helps strengthen foundational knowledge of grammar and composition while introducing more complex situations. The class employs a Spiral System..

Group of four positive business people sitting at meeting and smiling at camera. Multiethnic teachers working in university library. Education concept

Business English

The Business world has its own lexicon, presenting students with a whole new set of terms and jargon to deal with--this course gives students a chance to learn English through the lens of commerce. Featuring...

17.) English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes

The English language can be learned within various contexts and fields of discipline. Our English for Specific Purposes caters to students with very specific learning situations. This program curates a set ..

18.) English for Young Learners

English for Young Learners

Although learning a language can happen at any age, studies show that it’s easiest for learners below the age of 10. This English program maximizes the learning capacity of younger students so that they can acquire as..

19.) English Camps

English Camps

The Study’s English Camps offer students from various universities all over the world a chance to learn English at The Study by Enderun over a set period of time. Ranging from three weeks to three months, English camps feature a battery of courses created in...

20.) Online Classes

Online Classes

Distance, time, and physical space no longer need to be hindrances to studying English. Our online English classes give students a flexible option to customize their learning experience by choosing...

Foreign Languages

Being able to speak a number of languages is one of the most useful skills in a globalized world where education and career opportunities often hinge on how well one communicates. With The Study’s Foreign Languages programs, students can expand their linguistic capabilities through rigorous written exercises and intensive verbal practice with fluent speakers.


Our German language courses offer great mix of traditional grammar exercises and practical conversational practice, making sure that students’ written and verbal German skills are no less than ausgezeichnet!


Mandarin is the most widely-spoken language in the world, with more than a billion speakers across the globe. Our Mandarin courses give students a comprehensive look into the language’s alphabet, syntax, and verbal nuances so they can say 今天好 to a world of new opportunities!


Japan is one of the busiest international commerce hubs, with a constantly rising business expansion rate. By learning with us, students can do more than say こんにちは by acquiring a new set of presentation, negotiation, and conversational skills which open up new career tracks and education options.


Spain is a melting pot of professional opportunities--from architecture to education to medicine. The Study’s Spanish language courses give students practical verbal and written skills which they can use in their industry of choice.


The French language is known for being one of the best languages in which to express complex thoughts and emotions. Whether it’s raving over a délicieux dish or discussing the compliqué nuances of a business..