Summer Programs for Kids

Kiddie Chefs Bootcamp

The Kiddie Chefs Bootcamp aims to give children ages 6-10yrs old basic instruction on cooking and baking techniques, acquire skills..."

Junior Chefs Bootcamp

The Junior Chef Bootcamps aim to give children ages 11-16 yrs old the opportunity to learn the basics of creating..."

Young Writers Club (Creative Writing)

Creative Writing for Young Learners is specially designed to establish the English writing in a fun and interactive way.

Tagalog Language Explorers Club

Along with English, Filipino is the language which bridges all of these different provinces, cities, and towns.

Japanese Language Explorers Club

Japanese or Nihongo isn’t just one of the most complex and interesting languages in the world, it’s also one that..."

Art Club

Unleash the artist in you! The drawing course will introduce students to basic drawing, perspective, and sketching techniques using various..."

Korean Language Explorers Club

At the end of the program, the students are expected to learn up to 160 new words and phrases which..."

Hiphop Club

Let your body groove in this interactive dance class! The students will engage in the collaborative process while enhancing their..."

Yoga Club

Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Children will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques.

Chess Club

Be a pro chess player by enrolling in the advanced chess program designed for students who have a solid understanding..."

Mandarin Language Explorers Club

Around 1.7 billion people around the world speak Mandarin, with only 917 million of them being native speakers.

French Language Explorers Club

At the end of the program, the students are expected to learn up to 160 new words and phrases which..."

Foreign Languages

German for Nurses

The Study by Enderun addresses this gap with its German for Nurses language program. The course follows a four-level teaching..."

Filipino Language for Beginners

The Study by Enderun's Filipino Language Training seeks to equip students for practical, day-to-day conversations, with a focus on grammar..."

French Language for Beginners

The Study by Enderun's French Language Training course wil equip students with the skills that they need to be able..."

Japanese Language for Beginners

By learning with us, students can do more than say こんにちは by acquiring a new set of presentation, negotiation, and..."

Korean Language for Beginners

This course will focus on acquiring essential listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Spanish Language Training

The Study’s Spanish language courses give students practical verbal and written skills which they can use in their industry of..."

Mandarin Language Training

The Study by Enderun focuses on syntax, pronunciation, and verbal nuances of the language, making sure that students are able..."

English as a Second Language

Conversational English

Conversational English classes are conversational in nature. The topics revolve around everyday experiences, popular culture and current events. Each class..."

Professional Development Series

The primary goal of the seminar is to provide instruction and practice in oral and written English using business-related topics..."

English for Specific Purposes

In The Study by Enderun's English for Specific Purposes program, the lessons are tailored to the student's particular needs. Specific..."

English Camps

The Study by Enderun's English Camps give students from all over the world a chance to learn English with an..."

TESOL Certification Program

he TESOL Certificate Program is a 120-hour blended training workshop which provides aspiring English Language teachers with a strong foundation..."

English for Young Learners

Although learning a new language can happen at any age, it's the easiest at 10 years old and younger. Starting..."

Degree Bound Program

The Degree Bound Language Program serves as a preparatory intensive English course that focuses on developing and strengthening core English..."

Intensive English Program

A more structured and academic teaching approach is used to build students' reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This is..."

Social English Program

Developing fluency and the confidence to speak a new language are rooted in practice. The Social English Program, Enderun Extension's..."

Academic Tutorials


The Study’s tutorials are focused on developing the study methods, test-taking skills, enhancing the exercise of logic and reasoning, and..."

International Baccalaureate Coaching

Give yourself the competitive edge you require to set you up in your desired university. Be a part of The..."

College Entrance Exam Preparation

Assessment and accreditation are tools to advance education, careers, and professional growth worldwide, across a number of disciplines.

Math, Accounting, Science, Filipino, and English

Academic tutorials are a great supplement to classroom instruction, especially when it comes to process-driven subjects such as science and..."

Corporate Training

Customer Service

This program focuses on developing participants’ customer handling, etiquette, and negotiation skills by making sense of theory, practice, and how..."

Leadership and Innovation

The Personality Development Program will help students develop a well-rounded personality and get along well with others by developing interpersonal..."

Professional Communication

This language proficiency program focuses on industry-specific situations and skills across the board--be it written, verbal, or a hybrid of..."