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“Great schools cannot exist without great teachers and that is what I like about Enderun. Not only that the teachers are so patient, but they also don't miss on making it fun while learning. The school provides the highest standard of teaching in a positive and motivating environment. ”
Chloe MagdaelMandarin Language Student/ HSK Level 2 Passer
“I can only write positive things about studying at Enderun Colleges. I have been taught many new things, like how to properly speak and write in English. Not only have I learned so much about the Philippines and its culture, I have also met a lot of wonderful people. The school has a great program that adapts to your needs. It has made travelling abroad and working with other nationalities a lot easier for me. Special thanks to all my teachers Diana, Ethel, and Jen. I have had so much fun with them. I would like to also thank the management, especially Paula, Marlon, and CJ.”
Tereza JirouškováCzech
“The Study by Enderun is a big family. The teachers are very kind and they never get tired of teaching me. Because of Enderun, I can now communicate better with foreigners. I’m grateful for my teachers and the school.”
Xiao Ting Ke (Ramona)Chinese
“My learning experience in Enderun is meaningful and fun! They have taught me how to be more confident and how to express myself better. Aside from good manners, I have also learned how to communicate, compose, and write better which has really helped me in school. I love this experience, because I have had fun while learning, Despite their online nature, our classes have been interactive, helping me realize my potentials.”
Rianne Coria

Featured in CNN Philippines

Featured in CNN Philippines

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