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The Top 3 Career Benefits of Completing a TESOL Certification Course
TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and it is an internationally recognized certification. Below are a few reasons why having a TESOL certification can positively affect your career as an ESL teacher...
Online Clubs for Kids: How Parents Can Support and Develop Their Child’s Interests
Every parent dreams of being able to share their interests with their children. After all, that is a great way to ensure you and your child have something to bond over. However, it’s important for parents to prioritize encouraging the interests their children develop on their own...
Three Languages You Should Try Learning Next After Mastering Spanish
Learning a foreign language has many career and personal benefits, from opening up new job opportunities to making international leisure travel more enjoyable. Choosing which language to learn is often up to the preference of the person. For many Filipinos, learning Spanish is often seen as the easy choice...
Three Online Extra-curricular Clubs Your Kids are Going to Love Attending
Many schools throughout Metro Manila offer some form of club system for their students. Club activities are some of the best ways children are able to socialize with their peers and pursue their interests. Unfortunately, the need to shift to online learning has resulted in many schools having to cancel clubs until face-to-face classes resume. This means many children, especially younger children, are missing out on a lot.
The Best Foreign Languages to Learn to Advance Business Your Career
Learning certain foreign languages can help you advance your business career. Sign up for these foreign language courses and boost your professional career.
Reasons Why Your Child Should Take Online Coding Classes for Kids
Not only does having your child take coding classes for kids prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow, but it helps them develop important social and academic skills.
How to Choose Which Foreign Language Class to Take First
Learning a foreign language is one of the best decisions you can make. There are many benefits to learning a second language, such as having access to more job opportunities, connecting with more people, and more. The only real question is: which foreign language should you study?
Benefits of Children Taking Foreign Language Classes at an Early Age
Learning a new language is definitely possible regardless of your age. However, there are certain far-reaching advantages in taking foreign language classes in Manila at an early age.
The Advantages of Being TESOL Certified When Teaching English Online
Teaching English online has long been a popular choice among Filipinos as a part-time job. In light of recent events, however, there are now more people looking for online teaching jobs, both as a part-time job or a full-time one–and it’s not hard to see why.
Recommended Countries to Teach English Abroad for Filipino ESL Teachers
Being able to communicate in English effectively is one of the most important skills in the world of business today.
Tips to Supplement Your Online German Classes and Learn German Faster
German is a highly expressive language and among the best known languages in the European Union.
Español: 4 Steps You Can Take to Help You Learn Spanish Faster
Ever wanted to charm someone with your Spanish skills? Does the thought of taking Spanish classes scare you?
Teaching English Abroad: Everything You Need to Know Before Applying
Has the thought of traveling the world and working abroad at the same time ever crossed your mind?