Intensive English Program

Vivienne Genoves
Price: Starts at PhP 41,160
PhP 5,000 Reservation Fee

Preparing for language tests requires a very specific kind of rigor. The Intensive English Program focuses on equipping students to take exams on various levels (undergraduate, post-graduate). A more structured and academic teaching approach is used to build students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This is then complemented by assessments and mock-exams to help simulate future testing scenarios. Students are expected to come away from this program equipped to ace their upcoming tests. Fast-track your path to success, sign up now:

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, students are expected to:
1. Recognize the technical grammar and syntax patterns in English;
2. Analyze sentences and paragraphs and correctly identify what is being communicated;
3. Create their own responses to questions and statements, as required by the specific exam which they will be taking.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, the students will be able to:

  1. Participate in seminar and group discussions;
  2. Read and understand authentic academic texts;
  3. Listen to and comprehend lectures and presentations;
  4. Recognize and use academic grammar and vocabulary;
  5. Prepare and deliver short presentations with confidence;
  6. Engage in logical thinking by supporting reasoning with evidence;
  7. Improve study skills such as note-taking, critical thinking and independent work;
  8. Construct correct sentences, cohesive and coherent paragraphs, and different essay types.


Vivienne Genoves

Vivienne Genoves has over 20 years of English and Mathematics instruction experience all over the world (Middle East and Asia). She has taught in China for five years, and speaks beginner Mandarin. A licensed professional teacher in the Philippines, she is also a Cambridge English instructor with Cambridge ESOL Level 5 Certification (equivalent to CELTA/Trinity TESOL). Her expertise includes curriculum, assessment, and materials development for English and Mathematics (GCE), corporate training, and exam preparation. At Enderun Colleges, she handles Social Club, Academic English, Business English, exam preparation, and other specialized classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?
Reserve your slot through the website or email us at

Provide the following details:
Complete Name
Contact Details
Age and Nationality
Program of Interest
Background of the language
Purpose for Learning
Have you taken an assessment/exam before? If yes, kindly indicate.
Preferred Schedule
Target Start Date

Who can we talk to about the program?
Education Executive, 09278542662 (Fort Campus)
Education Executive, 09228123700 (Ortigas Campus)
Is there an assessment before the course intake?
An English Placement Test will be administered to identify current English level and assess learning needs. See link:
How long is the program duration?
You may enroll for a month up to a year.
How many students are there in a class?
We accommodate a maximum of 12 students per class.
Mode of delivery: Will it be online learning or physical face-to-face classes?
Following the Department of Health’s guidelines and in adherence to the quarantine and social distancing safety measures, we encourage everyone to learn remotely. Further updates will be provided to the students through our online channels.
What is Blended Learning Program?
Blended learning is an approach made up of in-person classroom time as well as individual study online using an e-learning software. It incorporates tutor-led activities, images, video, digital tasks, and face-to-face discussion.
Do you have a private 1:1 class for this program?
Yes, we customize programs for the students depending on their learning goals. The student may top up for an additional of 20 hours in a month.
Do you have a group class for this program?
The Intensive English Program is a more structured academic teaching approach used to build students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. You may also explore Social English and the Degree Bound Course.
Health Covid FAQs
Handbook Guidelines and Protocol for COVID-19
Click here to download.

Terms and Conditions

All communication shall be considered official only when expressed in writing.

Supervision of the Program
The Study by Enderun Colleges is designating an Education Executive as principal contact for the engagement. In return, she will work closely with the Academic team and the student for arrangement of classes prior to the agreed start date. For questions and clarifications, the student may reach us via email at

Course Details
The student is encouraged to take the online English Placement Test. The result will be forwarded by the Academic team to the student together with the preparatory guidelines before the agreed start date.

Class credits must be consumed within three (3) months from the agreed start date. Class credits will expire if they are not used within the given period of time. Extension may only be provided if a national declaration from the Philippine government or a sudden cancellation from the instructor due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Students missing class for at least one (1) week will be marked as AWOL (absence without leave). Class credits will be put on hold until the expiration date of credits given within a period of time.

Re-enrolment should be discussed with the Education Executive at least three (3) days before the next cycle or start date. The student should also keep track of his/her program end date.

Any changes with the current program must be communicated before the original enrolment expires.

Refund Policy
Payments already made under this engagement are non-refundable. The student may opt for an upgrade should he/she decide to change the language program he/she is currently enrolled for. The remaining amount may be applied to any other language program engagement. The number of hours may change depending on the new program chosen by the student.

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