The Best Foreign Languages to Learn to Advance Business Your Career

Published: September 18, 2020
English is widely recognized as the international language of business with around 983 million speakers globally. The language is spoken in all corners of the world in every industry, from multinational corporations to local street food vendors.

Although English is widely spoken throughout the world, it isn’t the only language that helps drive business. In fact, there are several foreign languages that you can learn that can give your career a significant boost. Some of these languages include:


With over 1 billion speakers worldwide, it continues to be the most spoken language in the world. Mandarin is also the primary language of China, one of the world’s economic powerhouses. With global e-commerce businesses such as Taobao and Alibaba steadily conquering the online shopping industry, doing businesses and meetings with Chinese partners, suppliers, and even business owners can be a great advantage when you learn Mandarin online and become proficient in the language.


German is widely spoken by almost 129 million people worldwide. It is also the official language of wealthy European nations like Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein and Denmark. Germany is also the biggest economy in the European Union and owns the 4th highest GDP in the world. The country is known for its prominent automotive and banking sectors. Learning how to effectively communicate in German by taking online German classes in Manila will make it more likely you’ll get business trips to these gorgeous central European countries, as well as make you a more attractive candidate for positions in German companies.


Spanish is one of the world’s most spoken languages, with over 20 countries around the world designating it as an official language. Outside of Spain and Mexico, the United States is one of the prominent countries that use Spanish for business purposes. The U.K. also uses Spanish extensively. According to the British Council, 34 percent of the business throughout the U.K. is conducted in Spanish. There are countless number of Spanish courses for you to start learning the language, so if you wish to expand your business in the UK and US, then learning Spanish can benefit you.

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