Three Online Extra-curricular Clubs Your Kids are Going to Love Attending

Published: September 20, 2020
Many schools throughout Metro Manila offer some form of club system for their students. Club activities are some of the best ways children are able to socialize with their peers and pursue their interests. Unfortunately, the need to shift to online learning has resulted in many schools having to cancel clubs until face-to-face classes resume. This means many children, especially younger children, are missing out on a lot.

Fortunately, there are quite a few online courses for kids that essentially function as the traditional club system. These allow young children to explore their interests and interact with other children, all while staying safe at home. These online clubs are often offered in a wide range of topics. However, these five online kids clubs are sure to engage your child and have them looking forward to the next one:

Junior Chefs Club

Many children look up to their parents and have an innate desire to help them whenever they are in the kitchen. Cooking classes for children are a fun way for kids to be able to practice cooking in a safe environment. Aside from honing their cooking skills, children are also able to develop their math skills, creativity, and patience. Cooking classes can also help encourage kids to broaden their palettes and try new dishes, which is a great benefit for picky eaters!

Young Artists Club

Art classes for kids are one of the best ways for children to showcase their creativity to others. Children who enroll in art classes are taught how to express themselves in constructive ways. Art classes can also teach children the value of empathy and how to take “criticism” from others, two important leadership skills. If you have more than a few artworks hanging on your refrigerator, you should definitely consider enrolling your child in art classes.

Green Scouts Club

Young children have very inquisitive minds when it comes to the world around them. This is why many children enjoy activities that allow them to learn about nature and green initiatives. Sustainability-centric clubs, like the Green Scouts Club, expose children to the importance of sustainable practices and how easy it can be to integrate these in their everyday lives. Topics tend to differ depending on the instructor, but many of these clubs teach children how to enjoy activities like home gardening (with an emphasis on vegetables and herbs) and plant-based cooking.

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